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Last modified November 02, 2008
Copyright © 2006 Drew Atkins

The True Power of Rock and Roll - October 2008   Download List as ZIP File

I bought a DVD of The White Stripes playing live in England. The disk is called Under Blackpool Lights. During the concert they cover a Son House tune called Death Letter.

When I saw the shot of the audience pulsing up and down in unison I realized that was the true power of rock and roll. Following is a clip I ripped from the DVD (check out the pulse of the crowd in the shot from behind Jack):

Death Letter - High (68 MB)
Death Letter - Low (25 MB)

The cover for this playlist is taken from the DVD artwork. It's a picture of Meg White as the character Jolene from the Dolly Parton tune.

The true power of rock and roll can make you heave and sway with friends and strangers. The true power of rock and roll doesn't come from wires and amplifiers, although they help propel it at high velocity. The true power of rock and roll comes from genitalia and the primitive brain. The true power of rock and roll is transmitted throughout the universe on radio waves as ancient as the big bang singularity. The true power of rock and roll cannot be harnessed only experienced.

1 Play Download   Runaway Lane - Jerry Jerry & The Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra
2 Play Download   Brother and Sister - Gun Club
3 Play Download   I Hate My Generation - Cracker
4 Play Download   Death Letter - The White Stripes
5 Play Download   Sister Havana - Urge Overkill
6 Play Download   Bacon - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
7 Play Download   Steady, As She Goes - The Raconteurs
8 Play Download   Fox On The Run - Sweet
9 Play Download   Free Radicals - The Flaming Lips
10 Play Download   Too Much Monkey Business - Chuck Berry
11 Play Download   Absolutely Sweet Marie - Jason & The Scorchers
12 Play Download   April Fool - Soul Asylum
13 Play Download   Dinosaurs Will Die - NOFX
14 Play Download   Paranoid - Black Sabbath
15 Play Download   Have Not Been The Same - Slow
16 Play Download   Walk Out - Matthew Sweet
17 Play Download   I Am A Tree - Guided By Voices
18 Play Download   The Real Me - Fastball