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Last modified May 24, 2009
Copyright © 2006 Drew Atkins

The Nils Live at The Ritz - May 2009   Download List as ZIP File

My friend Dave gave me this cassette tape a couple of years ago. It's a board mix of The Nils playing at The Ritz in New York City back in 1986. At the time there wasn't much Nils' stuff available on the Internet so I decided to digitize the recording for fans. I promptly loaded it into my old cassette deck and it ate the tape. It sat there for a couple of years until I took the machine apart and spliced the tape back together.

There is some dropout on tracks 14 and 15 where the tape got crumpled by my deck. It's a board mix so the vocals are way out in front. I tried to balance the recording a bit because most of the signal was in the right channel but I think it was a stereo recording. I took out some midrange to get the vocals to balance with the other instruments a bit better.

You can still hear what a great live band they were despite the low fidelity of the recording. The drums and bass propel the songs forward and Alex's voice is as powerful and fragile as always. The songs are some of the best that come out of the Canadian punk rock scene.

Dave and I guessed at some of the song names. If you know the correct names please send them to me. Sadly Alex Soria died a while back. I hope this gives you a glimpse of what a great musician he was.

1 Play Download   Little Boy Blue - The Nils
2 Play Download   Truce - The Nils
3 Play Download   In Betweens - The Nils
4 Play Download   In The Lane - The Nils
5 Play Download   Sweet Dreams - The Nils
6 Play Download   Glory Daze - The Nils
7 Play Download   Leave it to Me - The Nils
8 Play Download   Fountains - The Nils
9 Play Download   Still Twanging - The Nils
10 Play Download   Time on Drug - The Nils
11 Play Download   Makes You Fall - The Nils
12 Play Download   Daylight - The Nils
13 Play Download   Young Man in Transit - The Nils
14 Play Download   Golden Glow - The Nils
15 Play Download   Nothing's Going to Last - The Nils