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Last modified December 09, 2009
Copyright © 2006 Drew Atkins

House Poor - December 2009   Download List as ZIP File

Sylvia and I recently bought a house so we don't have any money.  At least we can still download stuff for free from the Internet!  Thanks Canada for lax piracy laws.

My old friend Dave Brown sent me a link to Roxette by Dr. Feelgood. You can hear the sounds of punk, ska and new wave about to erupt. Check out the guitar player's moves in the video.  I saw Blitzen Trapper earlier this year and really enjoyed the show.  Eric Earley channels Bob Dylan in his live performances.  I pulled the live version of Bittersweet Symphony off a compilation from Uncut Magazine.  Check out the legal battles over this tune.

If you haven't already seen it check out the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnson.  The part where he throws the keys out the window of his Dad's airplane is riveting!  Our family went to see Green Day this summer in Hamilton.  It was cool to see the kids pumping their fists in the air.  More of the same left-wing pop goodness!

1 Play Download   Roxette - Dr. Feelgood
2 Play Download   Novocaine For The Soul - Eels
3 Play Download   Sleepytime in the Western World - Blitzen Trapper
4 Play Download   Speak To Me/Breathe - Easy Star All-Stars
5 Play Download   Standing Bird - Love Psychedelic Orchestra
6 Play Download   Suite Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills and Nash
7 Play Download   Summertime - Sidney Bechet
8 Play Download   Frankie's Gun - The Felice Brothers
9 Play Download   Shake Your Hips - The Rolling Stones
10 Play Download   Are You Trying To Be Lonely - Andy Lewis and Paul Weller
11 Play Download   In Spite Of The Danger - Handsome Ned
12 Play Download   She Don't Use Jelly - The Flaming Lips
13 Play Download   Jacksonville - Sufjan Stevens
14 Play Download   Just Can't Be - The Flying Burrito Brothers
15 Play Download   Bittersweet Symphony (live) - Richard Ashcroft
16 Play Download   The Beatles - Daniel Johnston
17 Play Download   The Further I Slide - Badly Drawn Boy
18 Play Download   Hawaii - Young Canadians
19 Play Download   Restless Heart Syndrome - Green Day
20 Play Download   Whole Lotta Love - CCS
21 Play Download   Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Mamas And The Papas