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Last modified September 27, 2006
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Luther Victim is a loose collective of musicians formed around the song writing and singing of PJ Madadháin.

da guys


What's New

10-Dec-2009:  New DJ Drat play list available:  House Poor!

27-May-2009: DJ Drat is back with a live Nils playlist! It's a board tape from a 1986 concert played at The Ritz in NYC. Download it now and thrill to the punk rock sound.

31-Oct-2008: Halloween is upon us and so it The True Power of Rock and Roll! Check out the new playlist from DJ Drat.

01-Jun-2008: Mitch Perkin's is finally online with his own myspace site. Mitch played drums for Luther Victim in the late '90s and early '00s.

23-Jan-2008: Scott McCullough created a bunch of videos for various Luther Victim and Las Reatas tunes  There are links to some cool Iggy footage too!

20-Nov-2007: Scott Mccullough started a band a while back called Las Reatas. Some early compositions are posted here.

17-Nov-2007: New playlist called No Sunshine Mix published by Steve Samiof.

15-Nov-2007: Moved the biography off the home page and added this news section instead. The biography kind of sucks anyway.

31-Oct-2007: New playlist called Women published by DJ Drat.

25-Feb-2007: Christine Redfern's animation called Who Knows features a tune by Scott Mccullough.

28-Feb-2003: Luther Victim tunes featured in the film Sleeps Always.