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Last modified October 01, 2006
Copyright © 2006 Drew Atkins


This album was first released back in 1990 on cassette. It's presented here as two sides, as it was on the original cassette. We are in the process of creating CDs of the album. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing a copy and I will send you the details shortly.

Side 1   Side 2
1 Play Download   Pride In Your Pocket
2 Play Download   Cavernous Roll
3 Play Download   Giuseppe Lavarado
4 Play Download   I'm Fine
5 Play Download   Celine Is Moaning
6 Play Download   Grizzlies
7 Play Download   Ba Ba Ba Hey
8 Play Download   Spill The Wine
9 Play Download   Trade a Friend
10 Play Download   Spiderman Is Dead
11 Play Download   Entrepreneur

Special thanks to Ian's Mom Mrs. Blurton, Sylvia, Kathleen, Amanda and all the amateurs.

All songs by Luther Victim except Giusseppe Lavarado: Madden/McCullough/Speagle/Pytel, Grizzlies: Madden/New.  Artwork by Christine Redfern.

All songs © 1990 Luther Victim CAPAC.  Recorded September 1987 to March 1990 at Friendly Pirate Studios, Toronto.

Luther Victim Is:
Pat Madden   Vocals, Bass
Scott Mccullough   Guitar, Vocals
John Speagle   Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Clive MacNutt   Guitar
Drew Atkins   Bass, Keyboards
Ian Blurton   Sober Drums
Additional Musicians:
Frank Nevada   Vocals
Joel Wasson   Drunken Tambourine
Shaun Parnell   Drums
John McNeil   Vocals
Todd Stafford   Yells