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Last modified October 01, 2006
Copyright © 2006 Drew Atkins


Work in Progress

This section lists versions of tunes we're still working on.  If you have any good ideas, let me know.

No Applause - Pat Madden

2006-06-17 Added screaming vocals and piano.  The piano parts are kind of mixed up and need to be edited but some of it sounds OK.  Pat added some screaming vocals that answer the main vocal.  Probably needs to be thinned out.
2005-10-10 Added drums, bass and organ to the first couple of verses.  Haven't completed the rest of the song. Added a couple of extra cords.  Tell me what you think. I put the drums through a digital tube amp simulator to dirty them up a little.
2005-08-22 Added lead guitar and vibro guitar play by Scott Mccullough.

Shucking at the Shadows - Pat Madden

2006-06-17 First cut of the tune, really just ghost tracks.

Take a Train - Pat Madden

2006-06-17 First cur of the tune, really just ghost tracks.